Nu är han här, mitt Theo halsband. Och han är så söt. Läs historien om Theo från The Hungry Elephant nedan. <3
//Now he´s here, my Theo necklace, and he is so cute. Read the story about Theo from The Hungry Elephant.
"His kind has been significantly revered and honored throughout history, and deserves so much more today. Majestic Theo can now tread his way through the great terrains of Earth without being exploited for his tusks or made to perform horrific circus acts that use bullhooks to abuse him and his family. Days are gone of being wrongfully imprisoned in fairs and zoos behind glass walls with crowds of watchers at every move. Theo is one of the wisest and most compassionate beings on this planet and he is here to spread the message of peace. On these plains, he is the happiest king and the beautiful protector of all those beneath him." - The Hungry Elephant
The Hungry Elephant